Video: vet techs remove 2 enormous warbles from a small kitten

Disgusting warble

Cuterebra: bot fly larvae or warbles. I’ve seen one warble removed from the nose of a young kitten. The kitten was bloody pleased to have the operation done. They are normally passive and accepting as if they know that what is about to happen is going to be good and the discomfort (and pain?) …

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“This cat is built Differently”

This cat is built differently

There are several things about this video which demand a comment 😁. The woman’s voice is mightily sexy and cute. It triggers something in my brain. Her voice is as cute as the cats. I don’t know if it is a real voice or digitally created. I have a feeling that it is the …

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Don’t F***k**g Breathe on My Kitten you unvaxxed selfish POS

Amusing mockup of a book cover

I just got this book from the library 😉. Judging by the response to this tweet, this mockup of a book is very popular (see it below). It’s been done very well. It amused me. Like 90% of people in developed countries, I am one of those who strongly believes in and welcomes the …

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The solution if your kitten wants to curl up on your work papers

Cute tabby kitten curls on man's papers as he tries to work

This cute tabby cat in this equally cute YouTube video from the Philippines wants to curl up on the papers that this guy wants to work on and as usual the kitten is very persistent. One of the great qualities of the domestic cat is their persistence which is why they get their way …

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Pictures of cats: cutest Scottish Fold kitten

Cute Scottish Fold kitten

She looks like a brown tabby-and-white. Super cute owl-like face. Ears flat to the head. Big ‘M’ tabby mark on the forehead signifying tabby. Big round baby eyes set in a round head. Pink nose leather. Expression of bewilderment. She’ll be snapped up by a celebrity. Click this for a full page on this …

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Woman takes 3-week-old kitten from feral colony and the colony caretaker wants her back

Zana Ismail with the kitten

DEIRA, DUBAI – NEWS AND COMMENT: Zana Ismail is a cat lover who runs his own shipping company in Dubai. He is an Iraqi-born British citizen, 45, and has spent the past seven years living in Dubai because he likes the warm weather. He likes to help feral cats and enjoys caring for them …

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