Attorneys need to check their old Dell monitor webcams for that Zoom kitten filter software

Live avatar software for providing a filter to your face in a Zoom virtual meeting

Freestanding and Dell laptop monitors ten years old are probably not that rare in lawyers’ offices. If I am correct they should be checked for that fun but dreaded webcam filter which so embarassed attorney Rod Ponton and his secretary during his virtual court hearing, until the funny side became apparent. Zoom court hearings …

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New kitten excites dog into making weird sounds

Kylie tries to calm down her pitbull as he sees a new kitten for the first time

This is a cute Instagram, TikTok video doing the rounds on social media. An overly excited pitbull got to meet a new kitten and in the video you can see Kylie Alexis doing her best to calm him down (@kyliealexis16). The interesting aspect of the video is the strange sounds that the dog makes. …

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Adorable tuxedo kitten with big ears, big heart, no tail


Ceb found himself being cared for by Danielle at her foster home in Winter Park, Florida: Central Florida Foster Kittens. They have an Instagram page. He was an interesting little boy kitten because he had a tough start in life, which resulted in him having no tail because of a condition called Manx syndrome …

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Tom Hardy fosters kitten in Bucharest’s Hilton Hotel

Tom Hardy a foster carer to a stray kitten at Hilton Hotel Bucharest Romania

I have dug up this cool story about Tom Hardy rescuing a kitten from the street and fostering him in the Hilton Hotel in Bucharest, Romania. The search for the story began on the PETA website. They were writing about 16 famous dudes who love cats, one of whom is Tom Hardy. The assessment …

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