Kitten with Freddie Krueger claws

Black kitten's claws

A black kitten with very nicely developed claws. Why kittens are born with claws and why cats need them #IfCatsRanTwitter the claws would really come out when dealing with trolls and people who hate cats. — “Mad Cat” Cattis (@GeneralCattis) December 29, 2018 Cat Claw Anatomy Facts For Kids Please search using the …

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Sleepy, cute kitten finds a nice bed

Sleepy kitten finds nice bed

This kitten became really sleepy and realised she needed to ‘go to bed’. She went to the nearest she could find: this guy’s lap. Kitten’s falling asleep are really cute. They often simply collapse where they are and crash out. It might be the food bowl or anywhere for that matter. This time she …

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Fishing For A Cat!


This is very cute. Made me smile. Made me laugh. Some said: Throw it back in. It’s only a little one….Catfish!!….That one is a keeper….A more serious comment: It’s cute, but I’m gonna be the killjoy. Please let the kitties keep their back feet on the ground in games like this, no one wants …

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