Does dry cat food cause urinary tract problems?

Dry cat food and cat

Look, if you want to really get into this topic, I’d advise you to read Lisa Pierson’s website. She is a fully qualified veterinarian and passionate about not feeding dry cat food to cats and feline urinary tract health. She’ll advocate wet food only. She says that a blocked urethra is very painful and …

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Home Remedy for Cat with Cystitis

Home treatment for cat with cystitis

People search for a home remedy for a cat with cystitis. I have first-hand experience. Many years ago my cat had cystitis. It was caused primarily by stress compounded by a full-time dry food diet. She was stressed because I was away all day. I tackled the problem by doing my best to reduce …

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Case study of five-year-old cat having great difficulty urinating

When this cat did urinate it was bloody. He also groomed his abdomen excessively. These are the unmistakeable signs of an anxious and stressed cat. He had developed cystitis (infection of the bladder) which is often linked to stress. He was one of six cats in the home. Unfortunately he was not friendly with …

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Natural Treatment for Cat Urinary Tract Infections

“Natural treatment” normally means homeopathic medicines, which I list below. It should also include common sense ways to prevent feline urinary tract infections (UTIs) occurring. Preventative action can also be a form of treatment if applied after the cat has the infection. This post is not a substitute for a veterinary diagnosis and treatment. …

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