Why does a cat tear at the fabric of your favourite chair (infographic)?

Why does a cat tear at the fabric of your favourite chair?

The infographic explains! 😻 There are three main – sharp! – points to make. The fourth point is more important: the solution to cats ruining furniture is not to declaw them but to use one’s intelligence to get around the problem and if necessary to accept some minor damage. It sounds like I am …

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Québec bans cat declawing and three other non-therapeutic animal surgeries

Banned surgical procedures in Quebec are feline declawing, ear trimming, tail trimming and removal of vocal cords

NEWS AND VIEWS: By Québec banning cat declawing – a great step in promoting animal welfare – it leaves the province of Ontario, Canada, as the only jurisdiction where cat declawing is now legal in that country. RELATED: 63 jurisdictions specifically ban cat declawing (Dec 2023) Canada is miles ahead of America in terms …

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Commonwealth of Massachusetts Bill S.222 An Act Prohibiting Inhumane Feline Declawing

I hate cat declawing as it is very cruel and completely unnecessary 99.9% of the time

Yippee! 😁💕This news has put a big smile on my face and on the faces of millions of animal advocates in America (and around the world). The legislators of Massachusetts are debating a ban on cat declawing and it looks good for cats and animal advocates. What I mean is that the bill has …

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63 jurisdictions specifically ban cat declawing (Dec 2023)

63 jurisdictions ban cat declawing as at Dec 2023

There are 63 jurisdictions where cat declawing is specifically banned in their legislation. You can almost certainly count in many more because umbrella animal welfare laws would ban cat declawing for non-therapeutic purposes. The 63 jurisdictions where declawing is banned would allow declawing for therapeutic i.e. for health reasons. That’s an important point. Tacoma, …

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How to stop your cat scratching furniture by imposing your authority over them (by Elen)

How do I get my cat to use the scratching post?

This is an article by Elen, a visitor to PoC. We humans are claimed to be divided in to two categories, Cat people and Dog people. I basically agree. I do love dogs myself; I do however not feel I have a natural way of communicating with a dog, I call this ‘I don’t …

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US sends $1.3 billion to China and Russia (funding cat experiments) while their national debt relentlessly climbs. Michigan might ban declawing.

NEWS AND OPINION-AMERICA: For me, it looks very peculiar. Two recent news stories coming out of America just don’t square up. The US has just extended the national debt level upwards so that they can continue to pay the bills. The chart below tells you how the debt ceiling has constantly climbed and it …

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Declawing banned in Madison, WI tonight. Effective immediately.

Why kittens are born with claws and why cats need them. Poster by Ruth - aka Kattaddorra.

The good news on the declawing ban in Madison, WI comes from The Paw Project via Twitter. They are the premier organisation fighting declawing. Another step in the right direction towards a nationwide ban. It’s time the vets gave up and abandoned this obnoxious and inherently cruel surgery. It’s a national mistake. An aberration. …

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Texas veterinarian declaws ‘quite a few’ raccoons a week

Declawed raccoon

These are pet raccoons. The owners are particularly keen to have their long, non-retractible claws removed on all four paws. Raccoons’ claws are attached to bone like cats. Declawing raccoons is similar to declawing cats. Safari Animal Care Center in Texas appears to be very profitable and profit motivated. Hence their disregard for the …

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