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It's not inappropriate elimination because for me it is appropriate to avoid the litter tray.

14 suggestions about domestic cats not using the litter box

Introduction: The problem of domestic cats not using the litter box is the source of millions of articles. It is euphemistically called “inappropriate elimination”. It is an inaccurate description because from the cat’s standpoint...

do cats sometimes defecate when scared

Do cats sometimes defecate when scared?

Do domestic cats sometimes defecate when they are scared such as when on the veterinarian’s consultation table? The answer quite definitely is yes. I have personal experience of this when I took my then...

Two cats peeing or pooping on a human toilet at the same time

How many times do cats poop a day?

A least once and perhaps twice in a 24-hour period is the answer. It’s likely be more if they have mild diarrhoea. Cats are often active at night and therefore I am interpreting ‘a...

Cat in basket

Why do cats bury their waste?

The question in the title is not strictly accurate because it implies that domestic cats always bury their waste and they don’t. By waste the questioner must mean faeces and urine. Sometimes both these...

Anxiety can lead to middening

What is middening in cats?

Middening in cats is the depositing of faeces in prominent places as an alternative form of scent marking. The others are urine spraying, squat marking with urine (to be distingusihed from cystitis) and scratching....

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