Exceptionally rarely jaguars attack humans but have any humans been killed?


I’ve been digging around the Internet looking for information about jaguars attacking humans and even killing them. There is no doubt that it is exceptionally rare for a jaguar to attack a human and I have not yet found an instance of a jaguar killing a human. Please contribute by commenting. The jaguar is …

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Award-winning journalist badly hurt by a domestic cat she was rescuing

Otherwise calm, nicely behaved domestic cats can attack when scared and defensively aggressive

NEWS AND VIEWS: As I buy The Times daily, I know of Carol Midgely. As well as being a columnist for The Times she occasionally helps out at her friend’s animal rescue charity. That’s nice. It tells me that she is a decent person. She went to the home of a recently deceased elderly …

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12 domestic cat tail-signals in an INFOGRAPHIC

Cat Tail

I hope this two pages of an infographic helps in understanding domestic cat tail body language/signalling. It can be quite subtle. There is one cat breed, a rare one, with a curled-over tail called the American Ringtail. This cat will struggle with one or two of these tail signalling positions! And, of course, the …

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Cats are naturally aggressive. Discuss.

Cats are naturally aggressive. Discuss. They use these weapons.

The title sounds too negative. It almost sounds as if it was written by a cat hater. But no, the words come from the world’s most prolific and best-known veterinarian/author in one of the best books on the domestic cat: Complete Cat Care. He is Dr Bruce Fogle DVM, and he likes cats. And …

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Gentle petting and speaking to shelter cats reduces stress, improves their health and adoptability

Shelter cats are sometimes not given a chance to show their friendly character

It’s been found that when shelter cats are gently petted and talked to their chances of developing an upper respiratory infection are reduced. They are healthier because their immune system picks up. And if shelter cats are not stroked and talk to gently, they are 2.5 times more likely to become sick due to …

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11 types of domestic cat aggression and how to resolve them

This is an outline of 11 different types of domestic cat aggression that you might be confronted with and how to resolve them. They concern both aggression towards other cats and human caregivers. Intercat – territorial aggression – this commonly occurs when a new cat is introduced to a resident cat’s home. It is …

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Cat lover discovers rescue cat is not aggressive but scared

Don't try this at home

I think this video is instructional. I also like the woman who has a YouTube channel (MeloCat). She loves cats and I guess you might say that she has too many cats in a small apartment but we’re not gonna go down that route. She’s a good woman and she wants to help this …

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Defensive, hissing domestic cat slaps down attacking cobra (video)

Domestic cat defends herself from attacking cobra which gets a face full of claws

Note: This is a video from another website. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it. I have no idea where the video was made. It looks like Asia. It seems a little bit strange to …

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