Freddie Mercury’s silk waistcoat featuring portraits of Freddie Mercury’s six cats sold for £139,700

Delilah on Freddie Mercury's waistcoat

You may have heard about Sotheby’s recent auction of Freddie Mercury’s personal possessions. Well, they sold for very close to £40 million ($49,623,000). Most items sold for well over their listed estimates. One of those items was his famous silk waistcoat which is covered in hand painted portraits of his six cats, one of …

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Freddie Mercury’s favorite cat DELILAH

Delilah - Freddie Mercury's favorite cat (probably)

Here is a full treatise on Delilah, Freddie Mercury’s best known cat. We know that Freddie Mercury loved cats. It is said by The Washington Post said that he lived with 10 cats throughout his lifetime and that his first cats were Tom and Jerry. I have found photographs of eight of his cats …

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