Do the feral cats of Coors Field need some help?

Feral cat runs onto Coors Field mid-match. Cute looking cat by the way.

The feral cats that occasionally come onto the playing field of the baseball team Colorado Rockies, Coors Field, have called LoDo home for ages. ‘LoDo’ is short for the city of Denver’s ‘Lower Downtown’ district which encompasses Coors Field. The address for the baseball stadium is 2001 Blake Street. These feral cats have become …

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Why there are hundreds of cats off the ground in a Denver alley?

Cats in art installation in Denver backstreet

This is another arresting cat picture. It certainly caught my eye. It looks cool and plausible – just. However it’s art and they are not real. Artist Kelly Monico installed the cats between 14th and 15th streets west of Larimer Street. The installation is part of “Between Us” The Downtown Denver Alleyways Project“. Funding …

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