Maine Coon cat became depressed after the pandemic

Maine Coon depression due to isolation resolved by adopting another Maine Coon cat. But whilst the problem entirely resolved? Domestic cats need the companionship of their human caregiver as well.

There is a story online today about a ginger tabby Maine Coon cat who became depressed when the Covid-19 lockdowns ended. The cat’s name is Mango. He’s male because nearly all ginger tabby domestic cats are males because the coat is sex-linked. He lives in Romania. His owner is Mady Mondan and partner. She …

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As exercise alleviates depression in people why do we allow indoor cats to be inactive all day?

A shot of endorphins helps me get through my day. What about domestic cats?

You probably know this already. Exercise helps to alleviate depression. Going outside and walking within a natural landscape is also good to lift one’s mood. If you don’t know that already then you do now! And if you are cynical and don’t believe it, you haven’t got to go far online to confirm that …

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Kind acts like volunteering for an animal charity beats therapy for depression

Doing kind acts can reduce depression

Depression or just feeling down is not uncommon. It’s part of life. We need to accept it and enjoy the moments when we feel livelier and happier. But if you’ve ever felt blue and I’m sure pretty well everyone reading this has at some stage, the secret to boosting your mood is to do …

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Veterinarian wrong to say that cats are depressed and irritated by their owners when at home too much

Sad kitten

There is a report by the Express newspaper of a woman, whose name is Joanna, tweeting the following: “Today the vet told me that since Covid, they have had to treat a number of cats with depression caused by irritation that their people are at home all day.” She thought that it is “the …

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My cat suffers badly from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Help please.

SAD in cats

By Valerie Faeroy Intro by Michael: Valerie wrote a comment and I have converted it into this article. You can see that Valerie has struggled to convince her vet to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in her cat. Although it affects people there seems to be scepticism as to whether it affects cats. Valerie …

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Her cat saved her from depression after she lost six family members in 4 months

Her saved her from depression

She’s a dog person, or was. She’s been comprehensively converted to cats and it’s because of a sweet looking stray who waited for her at her home over three months before she decided to adopt him. When Nicola Hamblett returned home from work Awol would follow her car. When she got out he’d roll …

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