Are Burmese cats vocal?

Burmese are vocal

The question in the title is asking if Burmese cats make a lot of noise! The simple but slightly vague answer is that they will probably be more vocal than your typical domestic cat either purebred or non-purebred because they have some Siamese cat in them and the Siamese is known to be vocal. …

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Why are Burmese cats 5 times more likely than other breeds to develop Type II diabetes?

Dream a Burmese cat

I endeavour to answer the question as to why Burmese cats are 5 times more likely than other breeds to develop Type II diabetes? The general view is that Burmese cats are about 5 times more likely than other cat breeds to develop Type II diabetes (diabetes mellitus). One study says that the predisposition …

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Domestic Cat Lifestyle No Longer Compatible with Their Genes

There has been a catastrophic rise in the incidence of feline diabetes. Cats are four times more likely to contract this disease today than 30 years ago1 and as a consequence the U.K.’s first feline diabetes clinic has recently opened in Hertfordshire.  It is called the Feline Diabetic Remission Clinic. Stijn Niessen runs It. The …

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Diabetes Mellitus in Burmese Cats

by Michael (London, UK) Beautiful, healthy sable American Burmese cat – photo by michaelbennett (Flickr) This concerns a research paper on the subject of the over representation of Burmese cats in Queensland, Australia, with diabetes mellitus. The abstract, publishers and authors can be seen on this page (link to site broken 2012). This is …

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