Picture of ‘Pyro’ the only wartime flying domestic cat

Pyro the flying WW2 tabby cat

This is very late in the day to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of a humble tabby cat who was rescued as a kitten by photographer, Bob Bird, who, during World War II, worked at the Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment based in Helensburgh, Scotland. As a photographer he named his rescued kitten “Pyro” because …

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Animal World’s Equivalent of the Victoria Cross. Discussion

Sasha and her handler were killed on patrol in Afghanistan. Sasha, a labrador, made 15 confirmed discoveries of hidden weapons, bomb-making equipment and improvised explosives in Afghanistan before both she and her handler was shot dead while on patrol in 2008. PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals), a well known veterinary charity awarded Sasha …

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