Do Siamese cats have sensitive stomachs?

I believe that modern Siamese cats can have weakened immune systems which can shorten lifespans

Update April 2023: Pancreatitis A study reports that Siamese cats are at increased risk of pancreatitis. Cats with pancreatitis rarely display signs of abdominal pain. Cats are good at hiding pain as we know. But cats with pancreatitis vomit and they have “sensitive stomachs”. They might experience nausea. Knowing these things, it may be …

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Prebiotic milk oligosaccharides to improve domestic cats’ gut bacteria

Prebiotics to benefit cat health

There is an interesting research paper published on the Science Daily website dated March 9, 2021 which I think is worth mentioning. I think this research may result in better cat food in the future. You can read quite a lot about human milk oligosaccharides which are ingredients of human breast milk and the …

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