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Tawny a dilute torbie cat

What is a dilute coat color in cats?

The term ‘dilute’ refers to the weakening of the colours of a cat’s coat as if watered down. The colours are paler. Cat breeders can deliberately create this colour by selective breeding of pedigree...

Blue lynx

Blue lynx cat

The blue lynx is an extremely rare variant of the Canada Lynx, a medium-sized wild cat species living in Canada and in certain parts of North-West America. The diluted coat color is due to...

What is a blue-cream colored cat?

What is a blue-cream colored cat?

A blue cream colored cat is a dilute tortoiseshell cat (dilute tortie). The blue-cream colour is the dilute form of the tortoiseshell pattern. The blue replaces the black and the cream replaces the red...

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