Spanish authorities have poisoned companion animals and wildlife with street disinfectant against coronavirus

Poisoned by disinfectant against coronavirus in Spain

SPAIN – NEWS/OPINION: It’s been reported that local authorities governing the Costa Del Sol and Costa Blanca areas have sprayed disinfectant solutions against the coronavirus whilst apparently being unaware that it is highly toxic to dogs, cats and other wildlife. Is it also dangerous to humans? It almost certainly is. It’s been reported that …

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Best Disinfectant for Feline Viruses

Thirty-five commonly used disinfectants were tested in a study published on Europe PubMed Central. They were tested for their “virucidal activity” (their capacity to destroy or inactivate viruses) against: feline rhinotracheitis virus (a herpesvirus – FHV). Herpes virus is the most common amongst cats with feline calcivirus (FCV); feline calicivirus (as many as 50% of …

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