4 quotes from Ingrid Newkirk, PETA’s founder, on domestic cats

It is useful to try and get inside the head of Ingrid Newkirk on the issue of domestic cats. Does she approve of them? The same question applies to dogs. Newkirk has one of the most persuasive voices in animal welfare worldwide. She is the co-founder of PETA with fellow animal rights activist Alex …

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Why are there so many more dog breeds than cat breeds?

Many dog breeds. Far more than the number of cat breeds

Theis is a discussion on why there are many more dog breeds than cat breeds. It is about the differences in dog and cat domestication and trainability. I’m presenting the information in bullet form. The grey wolf was domesticated perhaps up to about 20,000 years before the North African wildcat was domesticated. Therefore, the …

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Why do cats bully dogs when living in the same home?

Cat dominants dog in most homes when there is hostility between them

Unquestionably, it is cats who normally rule the roost and boss dogs even if dogs are much bigger than them when they live in the same home. It looks incongruous because if the dog wanted to, they could dominate and harm the cat, but they back off when the cat is aggressive towards them. …

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Mars State of Pet Homelessness Index – measuring success and failure in pet domestication

Stray cat and dog fed the same food

Mars Petcare have created a useful and interesting index which pulls together information about homeless cats and dogs in 9 countries. They used more than 200 global and local sources. They researched attitudes towards cat and dog ownership. Germany comes out on top while India is bottom. The index provides a score as to …

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