Adopted dog finds a box of abandoned kittens near the mountain of Immitos and decides to be their caregiver

Not all dogs are willing to take responsibility for a litter of kittens he found while on a walk near the mountain of Immitos. In this oasis of beauty that is Athens, Greece a cruel person abandoned a box of kittens. It’s not uncommon for kittens to be abandoned in Greece. Second Chance Animal …

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Pit bull covered in scars has fostered more than 20 kittens

Who would have thought a stray pit bull covered in scars would make a good foster mom to 20 kittens. This is the story of Hema, who has made it her life’s mission to care for kittens fostered by Marissa Cingen. Marissa, who volunteers as a foster mom, and her roommate Robin Seegers, spotted …

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