3 HEPA filters, 2 robotic vacuum cleaners, 1 Dyson, 1 Litter Robot, 5 cats and 2 dogs

Multi-pet and multi-equipment to keep down the odours and hair

I think you might have got the message from the title. This is the home of a person who has five cats and two dogs. They like to keep the home clean and odour free. In order to achieve this goal, the person, a Reddit.com user, has the following equipment: They were responding to …

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Criminals shouldn’t live with a cat or dog as their hairs might link them to a crime

Using cat and dog hair to convict criminals

Criminals should take note of this research. The advice is that criminals should not live with a cat because DNA testing on cat hairs might lead to a cat owning criminal being convicted for a crime at a property or other place where they leave behind cat/dog hairs. Scenario I can think of one …

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