Dogs are more likely to scavenge on their owner’s dead body than cats

Elderly cat and dog owner

While the subject is quite grim, it’s intriguing to note that a 2015 study documented 63 instances of dogs consuming their deceased owners. Remarkably, in a quarter of these cases, the dogs began to eat the remains less than a day after their owner’s death, even though they had access to other food sources …

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Is it true that dogs have been banned as pets in North Korea?

North Korean citizens still have dogs despite the leaders executive order to not have pet dogs but to treat them as livestock

April 2024: Most of us know that Kim Jong-un’s government does all it can to indoctrinate North Korean citizens into behaving like robots and worshipping the autocratic dictator. So, everything is homogenised. The citizens have to wear similar clothes and have similar haircuts and women can’t wear shorts but men can. It’s all designed …

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What is the difference between a cat owner and a dog owner?

What is the difference between a cat owner and a dog owner? A complex question to which a simple answer cannot be provided.

I’ve got some personal views about this. We’ve got to be careful not to stereotype people; pigeonhole them into one bracket or category for the simple reason that the answer to the question in the title is not black and white. There is a spectrum of personality types providing care for their cats and …

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Can cats make eczema worse for children or increase the chance of getting it?

Parents should exercise caution when adopting a cat if they are allergic to cats and they are planning a family as it may trigger eczema in their new child.

This is a technical topic. There are a number of studies but it is hard to find black-and-white clear-cut answers which makes it tricky to write about this topic. And I guess it can make it difficult for parents to decide whether to adopt a cat if their child has eczema or they are …

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Ballooning dog and cat ownership goes BANG and into reverse in the UK

Ballooning cat and dog ownership during Covid goes POP due to costs of caregiving

Ballooning dog and cat ownership (primarily dog ownership) in the UK has gone POP and is now going in reverse with rehoming centres bursting as puppy love turns to heartbreak mainly because of ‘dogflation’ and a post-Covid reality. Here are some facts about the changing landscape of dog and cat ownership in the UK …

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Gut-brain axis and how a cat can help improve gut health and boost your immune system

Gut-brain axis and how a cat can help boost your immune system

There is an interesting report in The Times newspaper this morning about the ‘gut-brain’ axis; something I had never heard of before. Feeling content can boost gut health which in turn can improve your immune system which in turn can reduce inflammation in your body which in turn can help to prevent diseases caused …

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Inexperienced dog owners punish ‘Pandemic Puppies’ for problem behaviour

Study indicates that there are problem puppies in England because of a surge in purchases by first-time buyers during the pandemic who lacked experience and who have punished puppies for bad behaviour due to poor breeding practices.

NEWS AND OPINION: The Times and other newspapers have reported on an interesting study which looks at a companion animal phenomenon which has been mentioned before. The center of attention in this instance is “Pandemic Puppies”; puppies purchased during the Covid-19 pandemic. The study looked at the motivations and behaviour of UK purchasers of …

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