New kitten excites dog into making weird sounds

Kylie tries to calm down her pitbull as he sees a new kitten for the first time

This is a cute Instagram, TikTok video doing the rounds on social media. An overly excited pitbull got to meet a new kitten and in the video you can see Kylie Alexis doing her best to calm him down (@kyliealexis16). The interesting aspect of the video is the strange sounds that the dog makes. …

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Pet food manufacture damages the planet

Cat in dry cat food

Because of an increase in the number of cats and dogs on the planet, we have to factor in the environmental impact of pet food manufacture in 2020, so concluded a new study. With increased human population growth and increased popularity of cats and dogs there is an increase in pet food manufacture and …

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40 percent of people more bonded to their smartphones than to their pets

Addicted to smartphones or a necessary device for the modern era

STUDY – OPINION: A fascinating survey by a business called SimpleTexting confirms what we already know but in stark practical terms, and which brings it home to us how addicted to smartphones people are. Or are they an essential piece of kit in the modern world? As they say there is an unbreakable bond …

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Pheromones improve the relationship between cats and dogs in the home

Dog and cat are friendly

Researchers from the University of Lincoln, Professor Daniel Mills and Dr Miriam Prior, a veterinarian, explored the effects of two commercial pheromone products, Feliway Friends and Adaptil on cat-dog interactions. The study lasted six weeks and their findings are published in the journal Frontiers in Veterinary Science. The scientists concluded that there were fewer …

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