Are dogs better than cats at killing rats?

Terriers and farmers go ratting and the dogs love it and are aggressively fearless in contrast to most domestic cats today.

My conclusion is that dogs are better than cats at killing rats; specifically, the Jack Russell terrier is better than any cat breed and even the moggie. One commentor (see base of page) said that dogs need to be trained to be efficient ratters but don’t find that very convincing as dogs are predators …

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Emotionally cats help people to sleep but behaviorally they disrupt sleep

Man's sleep is disturbed by his cat! He can't breathe.

There appears to be two opposing forces in play when it comes to how cats and dogs affect human sleep. On the positive side, the emotional support and warmth that cats and dogs bring to their human caregivers promotes better sleep. On the negative side, the behavior of a companion animal – particularly cats …

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Ownership of cats in the UK – 2007 compared with 2022

Cat ownership is different to dog ownership

Introduction: this page was first written and published in 2007. It has an archival interest and in updating it, the information can be compared with 2022. The graph below goes from 2011 to the present day. As is clear, there has been a notable surge in pet ownership during Covid i.e. 2020-2022. Pet ownership …

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2 dog breeds that experts agree will get along with cats

Beagle and cat

I did a bit of legwork on this one. There will be differences of opinion. I tried to find a consensus on the dog breeds that get along well with domestic cats. Having searched five different sources I found a consensus on 2 dog breeds: Labrador Retriever and the Beagle. There is also a …

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Dog takes a shine to stray cat and they become inseparable (videos)

Benji and black cat friend

CAMBRIDGESHIRE, UK – NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a very special relationship. It is cast-iron proof that chemistry can exist between animals just as it does between humans. Although the cat is very motivated to seek companionship. In this instance, an adorable little dog whose name is Benji, a cross between a Jack Russell …

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It’s about even in terms of the environmental impact of cats and dogs

In terms of environmental impact, it is pretty even between cats and dogs

The big question today should be which companion animal, between cats and dogs, is more environmentally friendly? After all, environmental issues are gradually rising to the top of the priority list. And it seems to me that there are two major factors which help us gauge which animal is more environmentally friendly. These are …

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If a domestic cat was the same size as a Rottweiler, which would win in a fight?

Domestic cat the size of a Rottweiler. Who'd win?

Fighting aficionados want to know who would win in a fight between a domestic cat the size of a Rottweiler and a Rottweiler. An important aspect of the question is that it refers to a “domestic cat”. Arguably, domestic cats have lost some of the inherent aggressivity and mental sharpness of their wild cat …

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