dogs and cats

If a domestic cat was the same size as a Rottweiler, which would win in a fight?

Fighting aficionados want to know who would win in a fight between a domestic cat the size of a Rottweiler…

2 weeks ago

Pheromones improve the relationship between cats and dogs in the home

Researchers from the University of Lincoln, Professor Daniel Mills and Dr Miriam Prior, a veterinarian, explored the effects of two…

3 months ago

Europeans and North Americans need to get angry about the live animal markets of Asia

People in Europe and North America and elsewhere should be angry about the live animal markets of Asia.

7 months ago

Are Munchkin cats natural?

Yes and no. Munchkin cats are dwarf cats: normally pedigree cats with short legs and normal bodies. The dog equivalent…

7 months ago

She can’t hear or speak. She cleans the streets of Chennai, India. She feeds and talks to the stray cats and dogs.

This is the kind of woman for whom I have so much admiration. Her name is Rita akka (elder sister).…

8 months ago

Dwarf cat, a Singapura cat and a cute dog face a clear barrier differently

This is an impromptu test of canine and feline intelligence or perhaps it is not. It seems to have some…

11 months ago

Rats can be far more aggressive and courageous than modern domestic cats

The anti-cat brigade find any way to criticise domestic and feral cats. They condemn the cat for not even being…

11 months ago

Humane Society’s well oiled machine evacuated some Louisiana shelters in preparation for Hurricane Barry

I am always very impressed, and I love the way that The Humane Society of the United States make room…

1 year ago

Dogs are more valuable than cats. The reason why.

My colleague, Elisa, asked why dogs are more valuable than cats in a recent article so I'll try and provide…

2 years ago

Cats have had a bad rap concerning wildlife. Now it’s time to criticise dogs.

Domestic and feral cats have had a bad rap for years because of an ongoing campaign against them on account…

2 years ago