Cats and dogs living together – due diligence, tips and tricks

Cats and dogs together are great to see

Clearly, there are millions of households in which cats and dogs live together harmoniously. As we all know it is down to socialisation and good caregiving. Although dogs naturally treat cats as a prey animal, if they are socialised to cats it completely subsumes that natural instinct to the point where they become friends. …

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The love sandwich with a cute cat in the middle

Watson and Kiko are a couple of Golden Retrievers living a life full of adventures and love. They have their own Instagram account. This is the modern trend if you are the human guardian to attractive companion animals and a good photographer. Watson and Kiko have a gem of a relationship as the photographs …

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Health Risk of a Cat Playing with a Dog

There is one significant but I hope rare health risk when a cat plays with a dog and there must be millions cats playing with millions of dogs in the USA, UK and Europe and elsewhere. When I say “playing”, I mean being in close contact. I am unsure whether this is common knowledge. …

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