Domestic cats are more serene than humans because they don’t foresee their death

John Gray philosopher

I’m going to have to put my own spin on it but I’m referring to an article in The Times newspaper by the philosopher John Gray who is, I guess, promoting his new book Feline Philosophy: Cats and the Meaning of Life published next Thursday by Penguin at a price of £20 (£16 on …

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Why domestic cats still hunt when they aren’t hungry

Cat hunting birds

It might be fair to say that some cat owners think that their domestic cat is occasionally mean and nasty because they feed their cat well but they still hunt when allowed outside. They still bring in mice and birds, an ongoing source of consternation and exasperation. This perception paints an unkind picture of …

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Do domestic cats prefer mice or birds?

Mouse hunt is over

Domestic cats much prefer mice to birds no matter what source of information you refer to (including personal obesrvations by the cat owning public). In order to assess what, at a fundamental level, domestic cats prefer as prey animals you have to go back to their wild ancestor which is the African-Asian wildcat, otherwise …

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Why is my cat hissing at me all of a sudden?

Cat hissing

The question implies that your cat has not hissed at you before and therefore the relationship is good. Despite this, at the time that she hissed at you, she perceived you as a predator. A threatening cat faced with a predator produces a sound that is almost identical to that of an angry snake …

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Cat runs around at night

Cat active at night disturbs some cat owners

People are looking for ideas when they type into a Google search bar ‘cat runs around at night’. They’re really asking what can I do to get some sleep because my cat is too active at night which keeps me awake? Indoor cats I am going to guess and say that the people who …

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The real reason why cats purr

To purr is feline

You can work out the real reason why domestic cats purr by observing when they do it. There was a time when people believed that the purr simply meant that their cat was contented. But there’s more to it than that. Thanks to the repeated observation of domestic cat behaviour we know that cats …

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How many cat owners do night shift to interact with their cat to a maximum?

Cat active at night under the full moon

Most of us realise that humans are out of step with their domestic cat companions. Domestic cats, although highly adaptable, are crepuscular animals at least. Some are distinctly nocturnal and they are also active in the daytime but I suspect most sleep during large parts of the day. It is in their DNA to …

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We can learn about flexible sleeping patterns from our domestic cat companions

Cat sleeping. They are very flexible in their sleeping patterns

Humans are very strongly habituated to sleeping in one continuous session during the night. The domestic cat tends to sleep at any time whenever they are tired. The former is very rigid and the latter is very flexible. Admittedly, I am writing almost exclusively for retired people who have the option to sleep whenever …

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