Widow can’t have a cat because her neighbour admitted to killing her last cat

NEWS AND VIEWS: Shirley Gear-Evans, 65, a widow of Adber, near Sherborne in Dorset, UK, said that she can’t have another cat because her neighbour admittedly drowned her cat, Ruby, in a water butt. Her neighbour is Richard Giles, 69, a gardener. He claimed that Shirley’s cat kept on digging up his vegetables. Mr …

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Dramatic pictures of cats being rescued by navy from sinking Thai ship

Navy sailor rescues ginger domestic cat from sinking small ship off Thai coast

A commercial vessel off the coast of the south of Thailand near Ko Adang Island (aka Koh Adang Island) was in trouble when its engine compartment caught fire. The stern section of the vessel was ablaze and the ship was sinking. Aboard were eight seamen and 2 ginger cats and 2 tortoieshell cats (related?). …

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New Zealand: man who trapped and drowned eight cats thought he was doing the right thing

ANALYSIS AND NEWS – WARNING: this content may upset some people so please don’t read on if it does. I’m writing about it because it does illustrate how a nation’s culture with respect to a certain aspect of their life can sometimes result in unacceptable and unpleasant consequences. In New Zealand, as is the …

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On Thanksgiving day 2018 a 69-year-old man encouraged a juvenile to drown a cat in a brutal manner

Walter Balwin mugshot

I’m sorry to bring you yet another cat abuse story. I feel compelled to do so to highlight the sometimes abusive nature of humans against companion animals and the fact that little is done to stop it. In this peculiar coming together of various events, on Thanksgiving Day 2018, a 69-year-old man admitted to …

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Coast guard give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to month old kitten floating in sea

This is an amazing, happy ending, kitten rescue story. A one month old was spotted by the coast guard floating in the Mediterranean sea off the port of Marsala, Western Sicily. Someone dived in to rescue the kitten who appeared to be dead. The Italian coast guard were probably there to check for drowning …

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