Woman has an excuse for dumping young cats near trash containers outside animal hospital

Cleveland, Ohio: An anonymous woman was filmed on security cameras dumping young cats near trash containers outside an animal hospital. It looks like one of those callous cases of cat abuse and irresponsible cat ownership but the woman has an excuse and it is quite a good one.

Stray cats dumped outside hospital in Cleveland, OH and the person has an excuse
Stray cats dumped outside hospital in Cleveland, OH and the person has an excuse. Photo: Provided by Gray Media Group, Inc.

The woman contacted 19 News to tell them that on Wednesday night she went into the Great Lakes Veterinary Specialists (a 24 hr animal hospital) to relinquish seven stray cats that she’d rescued.

The woman who spoke to her told her that the hospital could not take the cats ‘legally’ and then suggested that she she put the stray cats in ‘pet containers’ at the side of the building.

She took the hospital employee’s advice and exited the building to search for the containers and couldn’t find ‘pet containers’. However, she saw four or five containers that looked like they were for trash but which were fairly clean inside.

She left the cats by the containers, she said. She called the hospital afterwards to say that she didn’t see the pet containers, but they were near the door by the containers.

19 News investigated and sought out the views of the hospital with the said woman accompanying them. The woman repeated her story to the manager and left the room we are told by 19 News.

In response the hospital manager said that there are no ‘pet containers’ outside the hospital. They explained:

“No. We do not have them, and I know that shelters they don’t have like drop boxes or containers outside to put animals in. We do not want animals dropped off outside of our facility outside or any other facilities.”

And that is where we are left. We don’t know how things panned out except to say the cats are okay and need homes. If you are interested please call 216-978-1200. The hospital manager said they were happy to talk to the woman to ensure that this sort of event was not repeated.

Comment: Maybe the hospital should talk to the hospital employee too. It is a story which does remind us that what we see does not always tell the whole story and we can, rarely, misinterpret what happened. That said, most often it is pretty clear from security videos that people are dumping cats when it looks like they are dumping cats.

Address of hospital: 4760 Richmond Rd, Warrensville Heights, OH 44128, United States.

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‘It takes a village:’ Kittens found in a dumpster are now in foster care with their mom

This heartwarming story comes out of Cloquet, Minnesota where four kittens were found in a dumpster by a custodian at Cloquet High School. Thanks to ‘a village’ of cat lovers, the kittens have been reunited with their mother.

kittens found in dumpster


When video surveillance was played back it was discovered the kittens had followed their mom into the garbage and couldn’t get back out. Jodi, one of the administrators for Missing Pets in the Northland, is a friend of the wife of the custodian who found the kittens. Jodi picked up the kittens that night at the friends house and took them into their foster home.

kittens in the dumpster

The Missing Pets in the Northland Facebook community page describes how the mama cat was caught. They even got the police involved!

“It takes a village !!! Safe ❤️ Cloquet , MN

Jodi & her friend Heather went to the high school Thursday night . Poor mamma cat was waiting right at the dumpster where she last saw her kittens . A live trap was placed but she didn’t go in the first night . She figured out how to move the can of tuna over to eat so she didn’t have to go in trap!

Last night Jodi & Heather went back to the location . We put more food out, changed some things with the live trap & played kitten crying videos off of YouTube to help lure her back .

mama cat in trap

She definitely wasn’t leaving the area & kept coming back!

We asked the Cloquet Police Department if someone could do a drive by to check the trap during the night in case she was in there . Officer Kyle Voltzke called Jodi at 4am today to say she was in the trap !! Jodi went to go get momma cat.

Momma cat has been reunited with kittens !!! Thank you to everyone who helped with this cat mission!”

kittens posing

It’s nice to see a community come together to reunite this little family. Now the mom can be spayed and the little ones can find a good forever home so they won’t be going into any more dumpsters  struggling to survive.

Photos courtesy Missing Pets in the Northland.


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