Québec bans cat declawing and three other non-therapeutic animal surgeries

Banned surgical procedures in Quebec are feline declawing, ear trimming, tail trimming and removal of vocal cords

NEWS AND VIEWS: By Québec banning cat declawing – a great step in promoting animal welfare – it leaves the province of Ontario, Canada, as the only jurisdiction where cat declawing is now legal in that country. RELATED: 63 jurisdictions specifically ban cat declawing (Dec 2023) Canada is miles ahead of America in terms …

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Matthew Hurst stamped on his dog because of ‘inappropriate elimination’

Matthew Hurst stamped on his dog Congo multiple times because the dog urinated and defecated inappropriately

NEWS AND OPINION – UK: Can you see the irony in the title? A young, baby-faced man, Matthew Hurst (yes, I can name him as he has been successfully prosecuted) was seen to stamp on this dog, Congo, 15 times because his dog had defecated and urinated inappropriately. Ironically, inappropriate elimination as it is …

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Ear cropping of dogs is illegal in the UK but some breeders are offering it

American bully dogs with cropped ears

NEWS AND COMMENT: Some dog breeders in the UK are allegedly offering customers the option to mutilate the ears of puppies as part of a trend popularised by celebrities on social media. It is illegal under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. The Times reports that influencers on social media and sportsmen and sportswomen have …

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