11,000-year-old close relationship between a human and a cat

There is only one well documented example of a close relationship between a human and a cat from about 11,000 years ago. It is, we believe, the earliest known example of the domestic cat. Authors writing about cats, tend to say, as I have, that domestication of the Near Eastern wildcat commenced about 10,000 …

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President Jacob Zuma Wrong About Pets

I would like to delicately wade into the “Zuma pets” debate. I am sure you have read that the president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, has said that black Africans should not keep pets, specifically dogs as they are part of white culture. Zuma wants black people to behave like black people and to …

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The Modern Cat Companion

Above all else, the modern relationship between person and cat is about companionship – from the person’s point of view. Cats are good companions. They are an outlet for our desire to nurture while not being overly dependent on humans. Accordingly, commitment need not necessarily be high for the relationship to work. This can …

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