Be aware of Brucella canis a new zoonosis in the UK

Brucella canis imported from Belarus in a rescue dog and the disease is spreading in the UK including to people because the disease is a zoonosis

This is flagging up a zoonotic disease called Brucella canis in the UK. It affects dogs – but can it affect cats? – and it appears to have originated from rescue dogs imported from Eastern Europe into the UK. It is a bacterial infection and it is serious. Because it is zoonotic it can …

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During the pandemic lockdowns puppy farms and kitten mills are thriving

Plucky kitten

To varying degrees, governments have confined citizens to their homes or restricted their movements throughout the coronavirus pandemic and this has encouraged people to adopt kittens and puppies. They want the added companionship and they think that they have extra time on their hands to get to know their new family member and to …

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