Big-headed invasive ants disrupt lion predation of Kenya’s zebras

Big-headed ant has disrupted the ecosystem and protected the zebra in parts of Kenya

The Independent newspaper reports on a study which concluded that a big-headed invasive ant species has taken hold at 1,600 locations from East Africa to southern American states. It’s a remarkable story of an invasive species. Please note that species of all kinds become invasive because humans carry them to their new homes. We …

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5500 km dingo fence proves that dingoes keep down feral cats and more

Dingo fence

There’s a 5,500 km dingo fence between Queensland and Western Australia. On one side dingoes have been culled to the point where they hardly exist in order to protect livestock. On the other side dingoes live as they live elsewhere in Australia. The fence has created two ecosystems, one on each side of it. …

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