Elderly people should live with a cat or dog

Elderly couple walk with their dog in a park and help to maintain their cognitive function as a consequence

Elderly people should live with a cat or dog because there is firm evidence in studies that doing so slows natural cognitive decline and keeps you physically healthier. There’s a link between the two. There are lots of studies on how elderly people can benefit from cat and/or dog ownership. In this post I …

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2 things an elderly, ill person can do when adopting a cat

Charming picture of an elderly woman with her beautiful cat at home

Scenario: you are 70+ years old and want to adopt a cat companion but are unsure how to do it as you don’t want to leave your cat companion on your passing. This may be a particularly pressing issue if you are chronically ill and can foresee your death. Yes, that sounds very uncomfortable …

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Dogs are more likely to scavenge on their owner’s dead body than cats

Elderly cat and dog owner

While the subject is quite grim, it’s intriguing to note that a 2015 study documented 63 instances of dogs consuming their deceased owners. Remarkably, in a quarter of these cases, the dogs began to eat the remains less than a day after their owner’s death, even though they had access to other food sources …

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Vintage cats for vintage humans, everything paid for after adopting

A happy senior lady with her new feline adoption from Forgotten Felines

Well, this is a remarkable cat charity rehoming program from America provided by Forgotten Felines of Corbin, Kentucky. It is a program designed to encourage the adoption of elderly cats and the shelter believes that ‘vintage felines’ are a good match with ‘vintage humans’! Elderly men and women are the target and because a …

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Does an asymptomatic toxoplasmosis infection cause elderly people to become frailer?

Toxoplasma parasite engages in 'identity theft' of immune cell to travel around the host's body

The Science Daily website has an article which infers that elderly people who have unknowingly been infected with the Toxoplasma gondii protozoan tend to be frailer in old age than those who haven’t. Essentially, the scientists found a connection with a higher level of antibodies to Toxoplasma gondii in a person and increased frailty. …

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Daughter gave a cat to her dying dad with dementia

Dying man with dementia comforted by the presence of a cat

The story, presented in the form of an infographic, is instructive. It tells us that when we can’t give a dying relative with dementia a present because they won’t understand what it’s for, they will instinctively respond to the presence of a cat or dog. Dementia or not, it seems that humans respond positively …

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How did the cat become associated with witchcraft?

Witch's cat

The compact infographic below summarises how the humble and innocent cat became so unfairly associated with witchcraft. Once again, I rely on the best man or women on the matter of cat history and behavior: Dr Desmond Morris. Such clean writing and clarity of thought. He says that religious bigots, in this case Christians, …

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UK councils have a duty to care for cats and other pets of residents taken into hospital (cost £1.08m)

Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel

NEWS AND COMMENT-UK: The Daily Mail newspaper online criticises councils in the UK for spending £1 million in two years (2020-2022) “caring for pets abandoned by owners in ill-health”. I would like to discuss this. This is an informational page that may interest relatives caring for elderly cat owners. The report is criticising councils …

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