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Do single house cats get lonely?

Can single house cats become lonely?

You have to be careful that you don’t project human thoughts onto animal companions when answering questions about higher emotions and domestic cats. The modern domestic cat is still essentially a solitary character but...

Hind legs of cat

Cat Shaking Back Legs When Walking

A decent number of people are asking why their cat is shaking his/her back legs when walking. I’d like to try and answer this question because I have seen this myself with my cat....

Spike was sad but in time he brightened up

Do abandoned cats get really sad?

Yes, is the common sense answer. We know with some certainty that cats feel at least the basic emotions of contentment and sadness (a lack of contentment). A domestic cat will miss his or...

Grieving cat or anxious cat?

Cat grief may be anxiety instead

Many cat owners and animal experts believe that cats can experience the emotion of grief. They have probably seen it first hand. These first hand experiences concern the change in behaviour of one family...

Kittens Sometimes Suck Their Thumbs

Kittens Sometimes Suck Their Thumbs

I had no idea that kittens sometimes suck their thumbs. It is probably unusual but this video is good evidence it happens and it confirms that cats seek pacifiers just like people.

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