Cats don’t feel embarrassment. I explain why.

Cats don't become embarrassed

It may seem ridiculous to some people to discuss the emotion of embarrassment in relation to the domestic cat but I think it is worthwhile writing a short note about it as it is an emotion and cats feel emotions. It is just a question of whether cats feel the rather complicated emotion of …

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Infographic on 9 emotions domestic cats feel and 1 they don’t

Emotions that domestic cats feel and one they don't

The issue of domestic cat emotions is a developing one. I think it fair to say that it is only over the past 5-10 years that the ‘experts’ have genuinely discussed feline emotions in the same way we discuss human emotions. There is a discussion, however, on whether cats experience emotions similar to those …

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Are male cats more affectionate with humans and other cats than females?

Cats profoundly affectionate towards each other

The first point to make is that we are discussing neutered male cats and spayed female cats. That has to be a basic criteria in this discussion. There’s no point comparing unsterilised male cats against spayed female cats for instance. It is just not a comparison that makes sense. I can answer the second …

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Printer causes curious kitty to twitch. Is this true?

Cat responds defensively to the sounds and movements emanating from a computer printer

A cat responds defensively to the sounds and movements emanating from a computer printer. We know what twitching is but we should realise that it is an involuntary action. It happens automatically. We don’t control it and it is caused by our muscles tightening up or contracting. That is the twitch and this cat …

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Size difference between humans and cats makes them vulnerable and fearful, a dog study suggests

Domestic cats may feel vulnerable because of the enormous size difference

I have always believed that we don’t give enough credence to the possibility that the size difference between humans and domestic cats can make them feel vulnerable and potentially fearful depending on their confidence levels. I believe that this size difference is a major underlying factor in the quality of our relationship. It’s a …

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Why don’t domestic cats express their emotions through facial expressions like humans?

Car facial expressions

Domestic cats, in general, have this deadpan face. It is not entirely expressionless but, compared to humans, cats’ faces are relatively impassive. Their faces do show pain, however, when it becomes quite pinched and tense looking. It is quite noticeable and it varies with the amount of pain that the cat is suffering from. …

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After spaying, how does a female cat feel?

It might be fair to say that female cats are more likely to feel permanently less optimistic and less calm after the spaying operation. I explore the mood effect in this article. The spaying of female domestic cats is completely accepted by people. It’s considered mandatory to prevent unwanted cats. It’s perceived as a …

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