Infographic on why the tiger is endangered

Why the tiger is endangered in an infographic

The infographic explains why the tiger is endangered in a succinct way. There are many articles on this website on the gradual slide into extinction in the wild of all subspecies of tiger. The Bengal subspecies has the highest population at around 3,500 across countries including India, Bangladesh and Bhutan in the north. Most …

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Sumatran tiger 2022 – critically endangered

Sumatran tiger

The story of the Sumatran tiger is a very sad one. It is the beginning of the end of the road for this cat’s presence in the wild. The disappointing truth is that the experts don’t even know, through ineffectual estimates, the number of adult Sumatran tigers that are left on the planet. I …

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China is a CITES contracting party but should they be?

Tiger farms, China

Yes, China is a CITES contracting party. But is China playing the game with a straight bat? Is China doing what it should be doing under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora? CITES has some strengths. Its existence is an indication of the concern we have over …

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How strong are tigers?

Tigers are enormously strong

The tiger’s strength is legendary. There are many stories about this cat’s awesome ability to move a carcass that is several times heavier than itself. The authors (Mel and Fiona Sunquist) of Wild Cats of the World refer to some incredible examples of the tiger’s strength. One account comes from Myanmar (formerly Burma). A …

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