Stress during cat pregnancy might make her kittens timid and less adoptable

Pregnant cat

Dr. John Bradshaw in his book Cat Sense writes that if a mother is highly stressed during her pregnancy her stress hormones may cross the placenta and impair the development of her kittens’ brains and endocrine systems. The endocrine system refers to the kitten’s hormones. I wanted to check this and expand on it. …

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Adrenal glands of domestic cats produce small amounts of testosterone

Adrenal glands of domestic cats

I have spent a considerable time this morning trying to work out why neutered male cats still hump (sometimes). My cat does it. So where does this sex drive come from? A male cat’s testicles produce testosterone which motivates a male cat to have sex. The neutering operation removes the testicles. Does this mean …

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20 facts about feline hyperthyroidism

Here are some interesting facts about feline hyperthyroidism. What interests me particularly is the increased risk of developing the condition due to exposure to certain chemicals and the fact that full-time indoor cats are at increased risk. I have always felt that there are too many odourless yet poisonous chemicals inside the home in …

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