Are cats better in pairs?

Ginger boy cats announce their mutual love in heart-shaped embrace

Yes, is the positive answer to the question in the title but there’s a big caveat which is this: they’ve got to get along, which is obvious but crucial. But I’ve got a common-sense idea for the best way to ensure that a pair of cats get along. You might know that when you …

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Full-time indoor cats are being short-changed on mental stimulation

We keep cats indoors full-time primarily for the benefit of the owner

The trend towards keeping domestic cats indoors full-time, particularly in developed countries where there are predators such as the USA, has introduced an interesting dynamic into the human-to-cat relationship. For me, it questions the motivation for this aspect of cat caregiving. The Infographic below explains what I mean. I don’t want to be critical …

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Cats and dogs will entertain you at Pet Shenanigans, Busch Gardens, Williamsburg

Pet Shenanigans at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, USA

This video is genuinely entertaining. It is very impressive. We have to be impressed with both the trainer or trainers of these cats and dogs and the animals themselves. I’m told that they are rescued animals and, yes, the trainers are incredible. The show encourages folks to consider adopting rescue animals. There is an …

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