Woman offers $10,000 reward for the safe return of her F1 Savannah cat

$10k reward for return of F1 Savannah cat

This story tells us a lot about ‘exotic pets’ including F1 Savannah cats. The video is useful as it tells us a bit about the owner. She’s lost her F1 Savannah, Mika, when he “ran out the of the house Tuesday March 5th in the Casa Loma area”. This is in Toronto, Canada. He …

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Discussing methods and drugs in tranquilizing a lion or other big cat with a dart

Kimba and escaped lion tranquilised

I was prompted to write about this topic after reading a new story, today, about a lion, Kimba, which escaped from a circus near Ladispoli, north-west of Rome, Italy. The lion prowled the small town’s streets resulting in a curfew for the residents. The police were called and they contacted an expert, Bisegna, on …

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The great dilemma with Savannah cats

F1 Savannah cat outside in the countryside

The great dilemma, as I have described, with respect to Savannah cats is that the higher filial variants of this breed need to get out of the house and explore the countryside or whatever else is out there. They are intelligent and active. They tend to escape the confines of their home and if …

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Cats Are Houdini Escapologists

Cats are Houdini escapologists

If you want to keep your cat inside the home full-time you have to consider him/her as a Houdini escapologist. The skill and desire to escape must vary between cats but in general cats are amazingly good at escaping confinement. They find a way. They move very quickly. They are supremely athletic. They are …

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Lynx Wild Cat Chewed His Way Out Of Dartmoor Zoo to Return to His Mother?


You may have heard about the lynx who escaped from Dartmoor Zoo by chewing through his enclosure fencing (that must have hurt him). This had never happened before at this zoo. The cat is two-years-of-age. He had barely arrived at Dartmoor zoo when he escaped. His mother remained at his former home at Port …

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