Do cats stay in heat after they get pregnant?

Do female cats bleed i.e. have periods?

No, cats do not stay in heat after they get pregnant. The more technical word for “heat” is oestrus (estrus in America) which is the period of sexual receptivity. During oestrus the queen (unspayed female cat) seeks out males and allows mating. Mating is necessary for ovulation to occur in the female cat. This …

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Female domestic cats cooperate to care for kittens

Female cat cooperation in raising kittens of other females

Although the news media are having fun with this video in describing a female domestic cat’s behaviour as stealing another female’s kittens, this is normal behaviour for group-living females. It might look odd to some observers but when you think about it, it is very friendly, harmonious and cooperative. In this instance a TikTok …

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Do spayed cats go into heat and have the urge to mate?

Cat in heat

No, properly spayed cats do not go into heat and do not have the urge to mate. The surgery is called ovariohysterectomy. The surgery removes the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. The spaying operation prevents the queen from coming into oestrous (estrus). Because it prevents the queen coming into oestrous it prevents the oestrous …

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Does this female cat want her male owner to have sex with her?

Does this cat want her human male companion to mate with her?

Is this female cat’s actions a vestigial female mating behavior? By that I mean an instinctive but not complete form of female cat in heat behavior provoked by her human companion’s friendly advances. I have asked if the cat is unspayed. It is not a full cat-in-heat position but she does turn her back …

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