eurasian lynx

Ikea allegedly implicated in illegal deforestation of lynx habitat

Vicariously, Ikea has been accused of illegal logging of forests in Ukraine where Eurasion lynx live. This harms the conservation…

3 months ago

Picture of Balkan lynx, one of the rarest wild cat species

This is an excellent camera trap photograph of one the world's rarest species of wild cat: the Balkan lynx.

5 months ago

Do wolves kill lynx?

Do wolves kill lynx? Yes. An alternative question would be 'Can a lynx kill a wolf' or 'Where the lynx…

6 months ago

Can a lynx kill a healthy adult human?

This is one of those debatable questions because as there are no records of lynx killing humans we have to…

7 months ago

Woman combs and cuddles an enormous Eurasian lynx (video)

We are not told what species of cat this is so I'll speculate. I believe that this large wild cat…

7 months ago

Northern Lynx Facts

Location People search for 'Northern Lynx Facts'. Here they are! The page is accordingly deliberately short. The scientific name is…

1 year ago

Europe’s migrant crisis harms Eurasian lynx conservation

"For the lynx, the construction of the razor-wire fence may just be the last push for the population..." so says…

4 years ago

Return Of the Lynx to Britain Is a Great Idea

We are nearing the time when the reintroduction of the Eurasian lynx to the British Isles becomes a reality and…

4 years ago

Lynx Wild Cat Chewed His Way Out Of Dartmoor Zoo to Return to His Mother?

You may have heard about the lynx who escaped from Dartmoor Zoo by chewing through his enclosure fencing (that must…

4 years ago

Motherly love! Pet cat adopts baby lynx rejected by its mum

Motherly love! Pet cat adopts baby lynx rejected by its mum at Novosibirsk zoo in Russia "An ordinary domestic…

5 years ago