Companion animal euthanasia is on the agenda due to advances in veterinary treatments

Last moments of a cat before euthanasia

NEWS AND COMMENT: In the UK, some veterinarians are questioning the judgement of cat and dog owners when it comes to a decision about when to euthanise their companion animal. It is one of the most difficult decisions to make. The timing of it is the difficult part. There are competing interests. And pet …

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VE Day celebrations – let’s remember the 400,000 pets killed on outbreak of World War II

Cat rescued during the blitz

The UK government, today, has encouraged Britons to deck their homes in red, white and blue bunting to celebrate VE Day. My neighbour across the road has dutifully done this and initially I wondered why! Today is the day we remember the end of World War II, 75 years ago. Celebrating the moment does …

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Why do cats die with their eyes open?

Dr Karen Louis DVM MS

This is a difficult topic but questions are asked and I will try and answer them. Associated questions might be: Why do cats die with their tongue out? Why do cats die with their mouth open? The reason why cats die with their eyes open is because it takes active muscular effort to close …

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All cats and dogs remaining on last day of Animal Control Officer’s employment will be PTS

Glade County Animal Control pound cats

This is a weird situation which I fail to understand. The Animal Control Officer (ACO) of Glades County has resigned and is leaving on August 12. We are told in a Facebook post from Glades County Animal Control (see below) that all the animals at the pound remaining at the time of the ACO’s …

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Euthanizing shelter animals to make space and covering it up by saying they are unhealthy

Although it applies generally, this particular story concerns the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center which I have mentioned before in articles about the mismanagement of the seizing of cats from a shelter in Plant City, Tampa, Florida. In those articles there were indications that the cats that they had seized were being unjustifiably euthanized. …

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The disturbing truth behind a viral Facebook photograph of a queue outside a Texas animal shelter

A photograph of a queue of people outside a Texas animal shelter, BARC, published on Facebook went viral. On 27th June 2017, an organisation, Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation (SNARR), said that it showed a line of people surrendering their pets and that the all animals would be put down. The description was …

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