Commercially it is a mistake in the long-term to breed cats and dogs with baby-like faces

Baby-faced breeds are unhealthy as their anatomy is distorted

For me there is a welcome backlash from some outspoken veterinarians with social media accounts and cat owners against the flat-faced companion animals – both cats and dogs – molded over decades of selective breeding to look like human babies in the expectation that they’ll be more attractive to buyers. The flat-faced pet syndrome …

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How do I know if I’m feeding my cat good quality dry cat food?

Cat in dry cat food

High quality dry cat food results in a cat pooping ‘normally’ in the cat litter box whereas low quality dry food can lead to poor quality, smelly poop and frequent pooping (see below for more details). This diagnostic method requires the use of a litter tray which is not always available to owners of …

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7 tips (and thoughts) on saving cat caregiving costs during the cost-of-living crisis

Cutting costs in looking after your cat during the cost-of-living crisis

Here are 7 tips combined with some reality-check thoughts on how to save cat caregiving costs during the cost-of-living crisis in the UK. A lot of people will want to try and save money over the winter particularly with dramatically escalated gas and electricity charges. There are reports of an increase in cat and …

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Tips and tricks: high-quality cat care at the lowest cost

Tips and tricks to providing high-quality cat caregiving while minising cost

I am sure that most cat caregivers want to provide the highest quality cat care at the lowest possible cost. I hope that I can provide some tips and tricks to meet that objective. In America, it is said that is common to spend about $800 annually to look after a domestic cat companion. …

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Cats are Half the Cost of Dogs in First Year

Cost of maintaining cat in first year

In the first year after adoption new cat owners spend half the amount that dog owners spend on food, bedding, toys, equipment, insurance and vets, a study found. Typical dog owners spend £4,791 ($6,100) on average in the first year including buying the dog. By comparison cat owners spend about £2,455 ($3,130) in the …

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