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Lion with cataract in his right eye

How do I know if my cat has cataracts?

Cataracts are cloudy patches in the lens of the eye. They develop for various reasons such as ageing or injury and can sometimes be the result of an inherited genetic disorder which can cause...

Louie with aniridia

Cat born without irises

Louie was born without irises and tear ducts. His congenital condition is called aniridia. The picture of him is startling and worrying but we needn’t be worried because although he had a hard start...

Pink Eye

Cat has a sore eye

If people type into Google “cat has a sore eye” as people do then in my opinion they are referring to one of two conditions (a) conjunctivitis and (b) a painful eye as evidenced...

Natural Remedies for Cat Eye Discharge

Natural Remedies for Cat Eye Discharge

Is there a natural remedy for cat eye discharge? People want to know as they search for answers using Google. I think that you’ll find that any applicable natural remedy is concerned with ameliorating...

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