Guinness World Records in turmoil over oldest dog record due to lax checks

Bobi with Guinness World Records certificate

Can we trust Guinness World Records? I’m sure that many of their records have been thoroughly verified and are indeed verifiable. But it appears that some records have not been verified properly or they can be circumvented leading to incorrect record holders. I have always had difficulties with Guinness records. They dropped the smallest …

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Infographic on wild cat species in Africa, S. America and S.E. Asia

Clouded leopard is arboreal and can hang upside down like a monkey

This infographic lists the wild cat species on the African and South American continents and in Southeast Asia. Remarkably there are a similar number of species in each region. The weight ranges are also listed per species. All of them are endangered to varying degrees through human activities of various kinds. Conservation is the …

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10 questions beginning with “Do domestic cats” and the answers

Do domestic cats

Here are 10 questions beginning with “Do domestic cats” together with the answers. Why did I do this? Because when you search using Google with the following phrase “Do domestic cats”” Google produces these 10 possible questions and therefore it seems natural to me to try and answer them. Clearly people want to know …

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8 facts about the Tonkinese cat

Tonkinese kittens

Like some other cat breeds, the origins of the Tonkinese is somewhat vague. There appears to be the mainstream history and a sideshow. Tonkinese breeders would argue that they can trace their cats back to a seal mink-coloured cat, Wong Mau. Wong Mau was brought from Burma to the US in the early 1930s. …

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