Staffordshire panther picture is a FAKE photo-edited picture with a fake history

The photo edited and the original picture side-by-side

The documentary filmmakers making the film Panthera Britannia Declassified about big cats in the UK countryside are relying heavily on a recently unearthed archive photograph stored at a facility called the Centre of Fortean Zoology. The assistant director of the facility, Carl Marshall, is very excited about the photograph. He said that it is …

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Man caught raping neighbor’s cat was FAKE NEWS!

Fake news man raped cat SA

The extraordinary story of a South African man caught red-handed raping a neighbour’s cat was fake news. I’m shocked to be honest because he was said to have been caught red-handed and there were two witnesses, the cat’s owner and an employee of the security firm, Reaction Unit South Africa. Unless this fake news …

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