Is it true that dogs have been banned as pets in North Korea?

North Korean citizens still have dogs despite the leaders executive order to not have pet dogs but to treat them as livestock

April 2024: Most of us know that Kim Jong-un’s government does all it can to indoctrinate North Korean citizens into behaving like robots and worshipping the autocratic dictator. So, everything is homogenised. The citizens have to wear similar clothes and have similar haircuts and women can’t wear shorts but men can. It’s all designed …

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Eureka! Vegan pet food saves planet Earth

Plant-based diet for dogs and cats would be transformative for the world

This is a remarkable study but one that was due to happen as it is now possible to make nutritionally complete and balanced vegan pet food both for dogs and cats. Yes, put aside the notion that cats have to eat processed, sterilized, diseased meat from livestock and road kill and think vegan diet. …

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Will lab-grown meat be available for pets in the near future?

Lab-grown meat to feed pets at £1 a 150g can

Certainly! Lab-grown meat has made significant strides, and it’s not just for humans. Our furry companions are also getting a taste of this futuristic cuisine. Here’s the scoop: So, your pets might soon enjoy lab-grown meat, contributing to a more sustainable and compassionate future! 🐾🌱. In the UK it takes two years to get new lab-cultivated …

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Do domestic cats attack chickens?


You could also ask whether feral cats attack chickens. The answer has got to be that sometimes they do but it is rare judging by my research and using common sense. People say that hens are too large for a domestic cat to successfully attack and kill. I don’t believe it. It depends on …

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When Namibian farmers avoided cheetah ‘hubs’ they reduced livestock losses by 86%

Cheetah hangout - cheetah hub

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a common sense and effective approach to substantially reducing the problem of cheetahs killing livestock in Namibia. It’s the first time I’ve seen this approach taken. Conflict between predators like the cheetah and farmers is a constant problem in Africa and it leads to the death of the predator because the farmers retaliate to protect their livestock so they poison or kill the cheetah in anyway they can. It’s about protecting their livelihood, so we can understand the attitude.

Cheetah hangout - cheetah hub
Cheetah hangout – cheetah hub. Camera trap photograph: Leibniz-IZW Cheetah Research Project via Associated Press

A study published on December 7, 2020 called Communication hubs of an asocial cat are the source of a human-carnival conflict and a carnivore conflict and key to its solution has reported that if farmers know where cheetahs congregate in what the researchers describe as “hubs” they can avoid them and farm their livestock elsewhere. When this happens the cheetahs prey on animals other than livestock and they found that livestock losses were reduced by 86%. It is a brilliant result.

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Australian banks which are the friends of animal welfare and those that are not

Australia's banks who are sympathetic to animal welfare and those that are not

Businesses can align themselves with animal welfare or they can ignore it. Businesses can promote animal welfare in a variety of ways or they can shun it and even directly or indirectly by association encourage animal abuse. In all depends on senior management and whether they are enlightened and observant enough to think out …

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