Savoury umami taste of tuna is why cats love it

Cat enjoys canned tuna because of the umami taste

Domestic cats have the required ‘umami’ taste receptors on their tongues to respond well to an enzyme called inosine monophosphate and an amino acid called free L-Histidine which combine to produce a strong umami taste. Cats enjoy these taste receptors thanks to the inheritance of Tas1r1-Tas1r3 genes. The umami taste is described as the …

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What is wrong with feeding your cat tuna?

What is wrong with feeding cats tuna?

What is wrong with feeding your cat tuna? Answer: canned tuna is not a complete cat food. Cats need certain nutrients and canned tuna does not contain all the required nutrients. That alone is reason enough to limit tuna as a cat treat. Also there are different varieties of canned tuna. For example it …

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