Senior scientist calls for an import ban to stop cat coronavirus in the UK

Community cat of Cyprus

You may remember reports from Cyprus a little while ago about 300,000 cats on that island being killed by a new strain of feline coronavirus called FCoV-23. The numbers were exaggerated but they think about 8000 have died although there are about 1 million strain domestic cats on Cyprus, more than the entire human …

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What is the difference between feline coronavirus (FCoV) and Covid-19?

Taking mouth and nose swabs from tigers at Miami Zoo to test for Covid-19

People also ask: ‘is feline coronavirus the same as covid-19?’ And in a strict sense, the answer is no. It may surprise cat owners that before all this talk about the ‘coronavirus pandemic’ and how Covid-19 can infect cats via a transmission from people, domestic cats have suffered from feline coronavirus (FCoV) for a …

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