Link found between modern flame retardant and feline hyperthyroidism

Where flame retardants are found

A link has been found between a modern flame retardant and cats who suffer from hyperthyroidism. This must be concerning to cat guardians. Back in the 1970s manufacturers began to use flame retardants in polyurethane foam in furniture (and other items). These flame retardants are called PBDEs. In 2004, US manufacturers started to voluntarily …

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For the sake of us and our cats, make clean indoor air a legal right

Indoor air quality

In the UK, leading doctors have called for clean indoor air quality to be covered by the law. Going through Parliament at the moment is a bill and the Royal College of Physicians and Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health have urged Michael Gove, the environment secretary, to include indoor air quality in …

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Hyperthyroid cat pooping on kitchen floor. Why?

Janice Turner

Janice Turner, columnist and interviewer for The Times newspaper, tells us in the Thursday edition of the newspaper that she is having ‘pet problems’. Specifically, her previously fastidious, 15-year-old cat, who has hyperthyroidism, started to poop on the kitchen floor when he used the garden before. She says that every morning he leaves a …

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Veterinarian says that 90% of cats with hyperthyroidism are cured with radioactive iodine

Radioactive iodine treatment for cats

Dr Laura Bahorich VMD, a veterinarian at Memphis Veterinary Specialists, tells us that she has a 90% success rate when using radioactive iodine or I-131 to treat domestic cats with hyperthyroidism. The price of the treatment is $900. It is injected. Another veterinarian, Dr Bart Madison at the Pet Hospitals’ Collierville Clinic, normally recommends …

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Spanish cat rescue did all they could to save a desperately thin cat


This is a sweet and sad cat rescue story from Spain. I am very impressed with this rescue organisation. The non-profit cat rescue based in the south of Spain, Happy Pets Rescue, rescued this emaciated female cat from the streets on June 28th 2018. The video and photos are a bit distressing. Happy Pets …

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