Is it safe for a cat owner to eat their cat’s leftover human-grade food treat?

Cat lover

In my opinion it is 95+% safe to eat your cat’s leftover human-grade treats but you won’t find a conclusive answer to the question in the title on the Internet because there probably isn’t one. The reason why I ask the question is because about an hour ago I ate the remains of my …

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Stray cats are diseased but humans aren’t. Discuss.

Dirty stray kitten being bathed and accepting it

There is a perception among some people that stray cats are diseased and can transmit infections to people. I’m reminded of this by a woman in Hong Kong, Icy Song, who runs into stray cats on her way to Lingnan University. She comments as follows: Although I feel pity for the stray cats, I …

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Should you wash yourself after your cat licks you?

Cat licks hand of owner

I would bet that almost nobody washes their hands or face after their cat licks them. I don’t. But a science journalist, Erika Engelhaupt, writing for National Geographic recommends it because of the hundreds of different species of bacteria in the mouths of cats and dogs which are alien to humans. One bacteria species, …

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