Shock: no link between suspect pet food and feline pancytopenia which has killed 335 cats

Sushi died of pancytopenia after eating Pets at Home AVA dry cat food

You may remember the distressing news that at least 335 domestic cats have died of pancytopenia, a rare disease in cats (one case per year normally) which stops the bone marrow producing red, white and T-cells in the blood. It is a rapid killer when it sets in. The investigators had believed that the …

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Cat still died months after they stopped eating mycotoxin contaminated recalled cat food

Cameron died of pancytopenia after eating Applaws grain free food for 2 weeks only

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a story on the Daily Mail online website which adds to the previous information disseminated on the Internet and on my websites about the catastrophe that has befallen hundreds of domestic cats in the UK who had the misfortune to eat a cat food which it is believed was …

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