What does it mean when a cat keeps falling over?

Vet inspecting cats' ear

I’m referring to domestic cats. If a domestic cat persistently falls over, they must have a balance problem. And the most obvious, off-paper diagnosis would be otitis interna which is an inner ear infection because it is the inner ear which provides a cat and humans with the ability to balance. If one ear …

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Cat Walks in Circles. Causes

Here are the major reasons for a cat walking in circles: Nasal cryptococcosis – a yeast-like fungus. Cryptococcosis is the most common systemic fungal infection affecting the domestic cat. Nasal cryptococcosis is one type and the most common. It is acquired when spores in the ground contaminated by bird droppings are inhaled. The infection …

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Cat stumbling around. Causes

These are the major causes of a cat stumbling around. Injuries or diseases of the cerebellum. The cerebellum is large and well-developed in felines. It is concerned with a cat’s coordination and balance. Accordingly, if it does not function properly through injury or disease the cat stumbles and has uncoordinated movements. A blow to …

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Vestibular Disease Causing Ataxia in Cats: MISDIAGNOSED BY VETS

I believe this syndrome (vestibular disease) is so poorly diagnosed that I really feel the need to educate. I am amazed at how many vets don’t know and misdiagnose this. My first experience with this was with my very old dog. It emulates a stroke and so many people put their pets down because …

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Feline Vestibular Disorder

by Michael (London, UK) This page explains feline vestibular disorder which is well searched for on the internet. It is a disorder that affects the vestibular system of the cat. The vestibular system is based in the inner ear. It is not a disease that I heard much about until now. And it is …

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