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Feline Vestibular Disorder

Home Remedy for Vestibular Disease in Cats

The home treatment for idiopathic feline vestibular disorder is to wait and let the cat resolve the condition himself. Normally, apparently, within 2 to 3 days the cat begins to recover and is well after three weeks. A head tilt may remain.

Cat Walks in Circles. Causes

Here are the major reasons for a cat walking in circles: Nasal cryptococcosis – a yeast-like fungus. Cryptococcosis is the most common systemic fungal infection affecting the domestic cat. Nasal cryptococcosis is one type...

Cat stumbling around. Causes

These are the major causes of a cat stumbling around. Injuries or diseases of the cerebellum. The cerebellum is large and well-developed in felines. It is concerned with a cat’s coordination and balance. Accordingly,...

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